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Seagrass Matting12mm thick.

 Heavy Duty Honan/Seagrass Squares all sewn together into a Bale.

 We do NOT sell inferior 10mm, 8mm or 6mm thick seagrass matting!

NO backing.

 Sold in Bale Width x 30cm increments.

Comes 2.74mt wide OR 3.00mt wide Bales

Cut Length & Bale prices shown below

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Environmentally Sustainable - Honan Matting

Harvested from paddy like ponds, Not from the ocean !

 30cm squares all sewn together with strong Jute thread.





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Cut Length


1+ Bales


3+ Bales


6+ Bales


10 Bales

 2.74mt Wide x 9.14mt Length bale. (9 x 30 feet)

 This size bale has 25m2 sewn into one piece.

SGM-1 $20.00m2

$380 bale


 $365 bale


$335 bale


$295 bale


 3.00mt Wide x 9.14mt Length bale. (10 x 30 feet)

 This size bale has 27.5m2 sewn into one piece.

SGM-2 $20.00m2

$425 bale


$410 bale


$380 bale


$340 bale


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Please NOTE: Each Bail of Matting is packed into a Square bale, shown in the background image of this page !

These are IMAGES of the Seagrass Matting installed.

Our family began in the floor covering and fabric industry in Wooldale, England in 1948 where they worked and operated a factory.

A generation later, in early 1970 and living in the country NSW, we previously purchased what was then considered heavy duty, But now inferior 6mm thick seagrass matting, from a company called "The Seagrass Trading Company", who carried different types of seagrass carpet & Coir carpet, that farmers & town's people self-installed in there homes.

For over fifty years, seagrass (Honan) matting has been consistently popular as a cheap alternative floor covering that is easy to install yourself.

We support several families and towns people from south east Asia, by directly importing Heavy Duty (12mm), simple hand woven Seagrass Matting, we sell directly to homes and business across Australia, and across ditch to our favourite island New Zealand.

Please note: Each seagrass square measures approximately 30cm x 30cm (1 foot x1 foot). They are sewn together in rows of 9 squares (2.74m) or 10 squares (3.00m) wide bale, each row is sewn side-by-side with the next row. (For example, 8 rows of matting will be 8 feet x 9 feet, or 2.43 x 2.74 m).  Seagrass squares can be loose laid on your floor and centred like a rug. If you want an exact fit, you can cut between the squares using a Stanley-type knife. To cut into the middle of a square, a pair of Cheap Garden or Carpet Shears are perfect for the job.

If you email us with your inquiry, then we will reply, enabling you to email us a simple floor plan, with dimensions of the area, we can then help you work out how many rows of seagrass you need, and we can freight your seagrass anywhere in Australia or overseas !

All prices excludes the charge or claiming of GST.

A few minor weaving faults are inherent in these type of Carpets and should not be considered as such !

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Each Bales of Seagrass Matting has either 25m2 (2.74 wide) or 27.4m2  (3.00 wide) in either Bale Matting.

TRANSPORT WEIGHT is calculated on the fully wrapped bale measurements & weighs as follows;

  • 274cm x 30cm x 36cm (L x W x H) =55kg actual weight =0.30 m3 Transport weight.
  • 300cm X 30cm x 36cm (L x W x H) =60kg actual weight =0.33 m3 Transport weight.

    It may be cheaper to purchase and freight a full bale of seagrass, as unfortunately we have to pass on the additional handling costs of Cutting into a bale then having to Re-wrapping it for freighting.

    Seagrass MATTING comes in 3.00mt or 2.74mt wide bales, cut lengths are sold in 30cm increments cut from a bale.

    In Old School terms: The Matting is sold in increments of 1 ft sections off either a 9 ft or 10 ft wide bale.


    Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Matting Installation is easy, Read or Print this INSTALLATION Guide!

    How to ESTIMATE the amount of Seagrass Matting you require. 

    1. Calculate an area by dividing (÷) the width and the length of area or room by 0.305 mt (one square).
    2. Then round up each figure, that will give you the amount of individual squares needed in each direction, then multiply these two figures, then multiply that figure by 0.093 to get the exact square metres needed.
    3. We suggest you purchase extra matting, so you won't run short !


    If area is 6.2 mt LONG, ÷ 0.305 = 20.32 (rounded-Up =21 squares needed for the length)

    If the width is 4mt ÷ 0.305 = 13.33 (rounded-Up =14 squares needed for the length)

    If 3.5mt wide ÷ 0.305 =11.47 squares (rounded-Up =12 squares needed for the width)

    So, multiply 21 x 12 =252 squares x 0.093 = 23.43 m2 of matting is needed.

    Or use this simple Seagrass MATTING calculator:  Pop-Up CALCULATOR in new window or tab.