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 NB: Only Sisal marked with a yes are in stock ! 

Australian Sisal

All Latex Backed

Sold in 4 metre wide Runs

Price Per,

Outback Sisal Range






"Full Screen" 




-30 m2




30+ m2




60+ m2






 Biscuit & Nutmeg Only 18.2mt Run =73m2 in STOCK yes OS-1 sample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $25.00
 Biscuit Ribbed Only 7.85mt Run =31.40m2 in STOCK yes OS-2 sample $37.00 $34.00 QNA $25.00
 Biscuit Ribbed fine weft yes OS-3 sample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Red Cedar  ( Roll Orders) yes OS-4 sample QNA QNA QNA $25.00
 Golden Ruby  (Can cut for Wedding runners) yes OS-5 sample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Copper Grey yes OS-6 sample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Chocolate fine weft  ( Roll Orders) No OS-7 sample QNA QNA QNA $25.00
 Black Olive Rib  <20% DISCOUNT Remaining STOCK yes OS-8 sample $30.00 QNA QNA $25.00

 Snow Drift fine weft

yes OS-9 sample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Silver Fine  Only 9.5mt Run =38m2 in STOCK yes OS-10 sample $37.00 $34.00 QNA $25.00
 Biscuit & Silver fine weft  ( Roll Orders) No OS-11 sample QNA QNA QNA $25.00
 Wild Oats  <20% Discount Remaining STOCK yes OS-12 sample $30.00 QNA QNA $25.00
 Salt & Pepper  ( Roll Orders) No OS-13 sample QNA QNA QNA $25.00
 Black & White yes OS-14 NEW Productsample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Royal Oak  <20% Discount Remaining STOCK yes OS-15 sample $30.00 QNA QNA $25.00
 Iron Stone fine weft yes OS-16 NEW Productsample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Rustic Natural yes OS-17 NEW Productsample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Rustic Grey yes OS-18 NEW Productsample $37.00 $34.00 $32.00 $30.00
 Sapphire   DISCOUNTED SPECIAL ! yes OS-19 sample $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $28.00
 Gum Leaf   ( Roll Orders) No OS-20 sample QNA QNA QNA $25.00
 Emerald   ( Roll Orders) No OS-21 sample QNA QNA QNA $25.00
 Native Waratah  ( Roll Orders) No OS-22 sample QNA QNA QNA $25.00

Please call to confirm these Prices. Page updated, 30-Jun-2018.

Minor weaving inconsistencies are not considered as faults, they are inherent in these types of carpets and should not be considered as such!

NB: ROLLS are approximately 30 metres long =120sq mt.

() 1 Roll order (120m2+) cost $37m2 inc. import costs, if Manufacturer has stock allow 3~5 week delivery.

() Minimum 2 Roll order (240m2) cost $25m2 inc. import costs, if Manufacturer has stock allow 3~5 week delivery.

(QNA) This purchase Quantity Not Available.


All prices excludes the on-charge or claiming of GST.