Multiple Run Calculator

for 2.00 metre wide Carpet.

NB: This calculator only works in 2mt wide Product Runs and it will give you a good idea of the amount of Floorcovering needed and what to expect the cost of your job to be. The calculator will read a little high as each Run has a 100mm allowance for Cutting. This should only be taken as an approximate price as other aspects Will also play a role in the final costing of your job.


(2.00mt wide product) - Run 1. Length in metres
Run 2. Length in metres
Run 3. Length in metres
Run 4. Length in metres
Run 5. Length in metres
Total square metres  
Price of Product , per sq mt  $  $
(min charge $200.00) Installation rate, per sq mt 
 $  $
(min charge $60.00) Take-Up & Disposal, sq mt of Take-UP    $
(approx. $3.00 sq mt) Architectural Smoothedge or Glue, per sq mt  $  $
 Go here If you need a Price. (PopUp Page) Project TOTAL $