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How to Measure and Estimate Two Rooms and a Hallway using, 4mt wide Carpet.

This page basically explains;

  • The Measurements that are required when you draw a Floor Plan.
  • How to Estimate these rooms by using a series of 4 metre wide runs joined side to side.

In order to work out how much carpet is needed, you must first work out the length and layout of these runs.

However, if you already have your floor plans use our Floorcovering calculators.

Take a closer look at these examples below.

Multi Room Cottage.

A Multi Roomed Installation:

The diagram on the right shows a floor plan that represents a simple two roomed cottage. We have a long hallway and two rooms. For this example we are only going to show you the Run direction down the length of the areas (shown by the Arrows), as at a glance, it would be uneconomical to cover the hallway and two rooms running 4 metre wide floorcovering Across the Rooms and Hallway on this plan.


So, how will we install this area ?

Stage 1

Stage 1

Firstly we will use one run (10.9 metres by 4 metres) to cover the hallway and most of the two rooms. This run should be long enough to cover the entire length of the hallway, leaving us with some wastage at the top of the diagram. Notice that the entire area is 5.7 metres wide (see Plan 2), so the area left to cover is 5.7 metres -4 metres = 1.7 metres wide (labeled A in the diagram). So, we use a second run, 4.7 metres by 4 metres wide, to cover the rest of the bottom room. This leaves us with a large piece (labeled B in the diagram) which is 2.3 metres wide and 4.7 metres long, the upper room is less than 4.7 metres in length, so this piece will be used.

Stage 2

Stage 2

We can now use piece B to cover the area on the left hand side of the upper room. There is still a little wastage, this is represented by orange areas.


So, the amount of material we need is, 10.9 x 4 = 43.6 square metres, plus 4.7 x 4 = 18.8 square metres, giving us a total of 62.4 square metres.

(Please note: our cost calculators automatically add 100 mm (10 cm) on to the length of each run, and rounds the total area up to one decimal place. Entering a 10.9 metre run and 4.7 metre runs into the 4mt wide multi run calculator2 would give the total materials needed as, 63.2 square metres.)

After using our Budget Estimator, you will have a better idea of what costs to expect.

Next, you will need to workout the length of the runs needed to cover your project. If you already have a Floor Plan of your room (or area), go straight to our Detailed INSTANT Floorcovering Estimators , these estimators will give a far more accurate costing by simply entering the, Length of your Runs, the Price of the floorcoverings, the Underlay required and the amount of Take-Up (if any), our Detailed Estimator even allows for, Smoothedge, Adhesives and Stain-Guarding etc.

Obviously, an On-site measure will give the most accurate estimate of the total charges, for the supply and installation of all materials and labour.