Carpet Shears - Cutters Architectural Smoothedge Domestic Smoothedge Smoothedge Cutters
Carpet Trimmer Floor Scraper Heat Iron Knee Kicker
Knee Pads Loop Pile Cutter Power Stretchers Spike Rollers
Stair Tool Top Cutter
Nail Guns

If you need a Nail Gun Repaired this guy is the "Nail Gun REPAIR King"

Architectural Smoothedge

NB:Their should be at least three (3) rows on nails (pins) on "Quality" Architectural Smoothedging.

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Domestic Smoothedge

We deem this type of smoothedge as "RUBBISH" and do NOT recommend it use, unless being installed behind an existing Row of of well attached Smoothedging.

Smoothedge Cutters

Above is a professional Smoothedge Cutter, you can use a wide Chisel or Bolster, Axe hammer, avoid using a common hammer  to break the smoothedge.

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Garden Shears

Professional Shears

$35+ Cordless Cutters

Purchase from Hardware.



Professional Shears

Hobby Shears

You can purchased these scissors from most hardware's for $10.

These are strong enough to cut all our floorcoverings. If you are planning to loose lay your carpet, it is best to seal the edges with PVA glue and let it dry before cutting, then it will stop the fraying of the edges.

Carpet Shears

Professional Carpet Shears, Sterling type brand $25~$35.

Some hardware stores stock these.

Purchase the ones you can pull apart and re- sharpen with a dry/wet stone.

Knee Pads

Knee Kicker

An extendable knee kicker is useful in narrow halls or areas, where you press your foot off the skirting instead of kicking to stretch.  The lighter this tool is the better, as a heavy knee kicker will work against the impact force of you kicking.

Basic Top Cutter

Can be used for accurate cutting following separated pile or pattern.

Use special slotted blades (Trade tool).

Edges can be easily marked first, cut then sealed to be joined.

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Loop Pile Top Cutter

Used in the warehouse or by the apprentice on site, so he won't cut through two levels of carpet & floor boards when not desired.

Knee Pads

Carpet Trimmer

This tool is held into & pushed along the smoothedge cut the carpet to the correct height to tuck behind the smoothedge or in the case of direct sticking of floorcoverings, , you can lower the cutting height & turn the Guide upside down, so the carpet falls neat with the wall or edge.

Knee Pads

We consider these knee pads to be the Best set of knee pads we have found, they are made by CRAIN & have Velcro straps that are wide to stop circulation restrictions, as well as an extra pad to protect the knees whilst kicking out the carpet.

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Heat Iron

(Crain grooved heat iron)

This is one of the best on the market, it allows for more glue to contact the backing of your product instead of being spread out by a flat based iron.

Stair Tool

Used to tuck in carpet on stairs or perimeter wall areas, can also be used to Break Smoothedge, it's basically a Chrome Brick bolster.  There is a rare Spring loaded bolsters manufactured by Crain, this saves having to carry a Hammer.

Spike Rollers

Rollers used for forcing the carpet into the Joining glue whilst Hot Tape Joining or afterwards for Direct Stick of carpet. A professional installer should have roller type one of these or use his fingers.

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Floor Scraper

Heavy Duty

To remove debris from the floor.

Power Stretchers

Professional Stretcher, the first one has a swivel head, other is fixed.  These power stretchers are used to stretch out large areas of carpet or to make it easier on the installers Knees and you get a proper tautly stretched carpet.

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