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Lino's, Vinyl's and other hard flooring require an almost perfectly smooth surface, the finishing surface need not be a flat surfaces as in ramping. This smoothness can be accomplished by either cement levelling compounds or Masonite and Fibro levelling products, both are designed to take out any unevenness in the sub-floor.

Sub-Floor imperfections: Carpets will tolerate a far greater uneven surface and you may not need to bother with minor unevenness, this mainly depends on the type of Floorcoverings and Underlay you are installing, floor levelling or repairs can be a costly, the best rule of thumb would be to arrange for an inspection of your sub floor Long before the day of installation.

Be aware to the fact that when quoting for the refurbishment of a existing project(s) that the sub-floor is usually covered over by old floorcoverings, in other words, ANF cannot give you an accurate quotation for any sub-floor repairs or levelling that may be needed, this won't become apparent until the area is fully cleared of old floorcoverings and rubbish.

You should also be aware that a Very Level and Sound surface will always present your floorcoverings to the best of it's ability and also assist in the evenness in wear and accident prevention in the workplace.

2/ LOCATION of JOINS in materials:

With Natural floorcoverings it is highly recommended NOT to have any cross joins in a "Panama" type of weave, a cross join in this type of carpet will show the most. Due to the nature of modern conventional carpet, it is () OK to have cross joins in most modern types of Floorcoverings as they usually have pile content and a secondary backing that tolerates the cutting across the longitudinal weave in such a way as not to affect the appearance after cutting and joining.

This subject is not usually disgust with a client but at ANF we will always discuss and inform you of the alliterative run direction of the materials in a way that we feel will best suit the individual criteria.


On ALL wall-wall Smoothedge carpet Installations: We only GUARANTEE our installation on a JOB that is installed on Industrial "ARCHITECTURAL" smoothedging (not the Domestic Rubbish) or installed on a "Double row" of Domestic smoothedging.


Natural Floorcoverings require mainly Solvent or Water based glues, that do not adversely react with the natural fibers, some glues will cause off smell that should dissipate soon after installations. If the incorrect glues are used they will cause inadequate adhesion and bubbling. We will advise you on the type of glue to use, depending on the type of floorcovering and sub-floor (or area) to be installed.


If you require a hard copy of ANF goods and service charges, they can be found here & printed off, "Installation Rates & Services".


Usually "REAL" Sisal carpets are very affordable, however the Belgium sisals are very expensive, chiefly from the labour component of importing raw materials, weaving & finally being exported to Australia, Sisal fiber & twine are predominantly imported from growing countries, then processed & woven in that country making the final product several times more costly based on the labour rate, not to mention the unnecessary additional carbon pollution!

Remember, you PAY for what you get !


ANF will give a LIFETIME Guarantee on the installations of all NEW "Natural Floorcoverings", as long as they meet the simple standards on this page.

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