Re-occurring Stains & Spots:

Stains that develop in carpet after a few months of use, are usually from a known spill or contamination, that the consumer has cleaned, but soon return, these are probably one of the most misunderstood problems in our industry today.

Even some professional carpet cleaners will miss this one from time to time. First lets start with a simple truth, something is causing the spot. The consumer will be very frustrated, in some cases ready to throw the carpet out and get new carpet. In other cases they will be adamant that something is coming through the back of the carpet causing the stain (spot). On newer carpet they are looking for someone else to replace the carpet.

The History will go something like this. After a few months the consumer will notice one or more spots and decide to spot clean them. The spots will clean, but return in a day or two, sometimes larger than before. So they will clean them again. Again the spots will be gone, and again they will return. The problem will be one of two things. Either the consumer is not removing the original contaminant and it is attracting soil, or the consumer is leaving detergent residues that are attracting and holding soil.

The Solution for this problem is simple. Clean the carpet by clear water wet extraction, commonly called "Steam cleaning", Not Shampooing (*), but be aware that the Hot water may SET the stain or cause the carpet to shrink that may cause problems around the carpet joins also, so it would be best to firstly try Cold or slightly Warm clean water to remove the contaminant, be it the original contaminant or detergent residues. Cleaning with a cleaning solution will not correct this problem, the spots should not be pre-spotted only clear water rinse, possibly more than once depending on the amount of detergent will correct the problem.

(*) Shampooing should NOT be confused with STEAM cleaning, as the Shampooing procedure only puts more detergents and chemicals into your Carpets fibers & backings, this usually attracts more dust & dirt and this eventually contributes towards the backing of your carpet becoming very stiff & brittle, causing delaminating and premature ageing, if shampooing is done on a regular basis as in; Rental property, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants & Dining rooms, in other words high maintenance areas etc.


Soiling is not considered to be a valid complaint against the manufacturers, let's face it every thing gets dirty. Carpet is being walked on every day, dust and airborne particles eventually land on the carpet. Regular vacuuming will lessen the soiling (a rotating drum type with beater brushes will do the best job), but it is inevitable it will get soiled. No manufacturer of floorcoverings that I am aware of guarantees their product will not get dirty.

Cleaning the carpet every week or month in the traffic areas will help to keep the carpet looking it's best. Carpet represents a major investment in the home and trying to get out cheap on cleaning is not recommended.

NB: Trapping the dirt by installing PCV backed Coir door matting at entry & exit points before it is brought onto your carpet !

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