The 10 carpet commandments !

If you don't know your Floorcoverings, then know the marketing ploys.

The simple TruthsKey points.
1. Be smart, buying Natural is usually always better than UN-Natural fibers !
Quality Installations is everything !
(Quality installations remains, long after the the price is forgotten !)
There is no such thing as a totally invisible seam, it Seems !!!
4. There is no stain proof carpet,  see What's the Warranty Worth.
There is no such thing as FREE Labour or Underlay, It's a Marketing Ploy !  
(lookup; Bate and Switch)
There is no such thing as 70% OFF, unless it has been marked up first place, see Buying Cheap
Carpet is a fashion statement and constantly being replaced, see LIFE-SPAN of carpet.
8. Big is not necessarily better when it comes to Showrooms, Knowledge, Service and Especially Pricing.
Put off paying any deposit for a few days, this usually gives you time to reconsider and analyse your choices !
There are no miracle fibers, only ME `/:o)


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