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"Master Craftsman"This page is short biography about, Dennis Monamy the Master Craftsman behind this website.

Our family began in the floor covering and fabric industry in Wooldale, England in 1948 where they worked and operated a factory. Dennis was born in the UK and migrating to Australia via Perth, WA with his family in 1965, and thereafter to Sydney and on too Newcastle, NSW, after spending a year in Newcastle as £10 Poms, the family moved to the rural town of Coonabarabran, NSW.

During his formative years, Dennis spent a lot of time working with his father, a mechanic engineer/tool maker, and later worked on several farms in the region, setting the foundation stone for many of his current skills today.

In 1974 Dennis was first introduction to what he named as "Natural Floorcoverings" (floorcovering made from plants) as an economical alternative to conventional modern floorcovering.  This introduction was via "The Octet Furniture Arcade" in Coonabarabran, and it started a Lifetime venture into the most enjoyable profession of Home Decor and Floorcoverings, from here Dennis started installing all types of Floorcoverings and also learnt the Full 'Soft and Hard' floorcovering trade.

In 1978, as a young lad with a constant thirst for new experiences, Dennis decided to move to Sydney and expand one's worldliness, after only spending a few months working with a friend in a fabrication factory, Dennis became a contract welder, even though the money was great back then, the job satisfaction only lasted a short time.

Meeting new and diversified people on a daily basis, drew Dennis back to the more personal service of the floorcovering industry, he then joined, "Golden Carpets" of Rockdale (one of the Original founder of the current, "Independent Carpet centres"). Finding wages enjoyable but too restrictive, Dennis started contracting to most of 'The Big Players' of the carpet industry, only to find that the vast majority of Retailers & Wholesalers then and even today, appear to be more consumed with how much "Money" they NEED or CAN make to pay off their Mortgage/Overheads at the expense of there installers! ...Each to their own !

By 1984 Dennis had somehow gathered a team of some 16 people to work with him, and had become involved in contract installations to most of the Who's-Who of the Floorcovering industry. During this time our contracts ranged from Federal & State Court buildings, many Multi Story Commercial and Apartment buildings in Sydney, Canberra, Darwin and QLD etc. as well as other Specialist contracts. Nationally, public housing estates to some of our most elite and famous public figures, businesses and prestigious residential estates located in various affluent suburbs of Sydney. Now on reflection we were simply creating growth well in excess of 300% a year and in a depressed market we wear still attained real 33% product growth, this sounds fine but we were not really going anywhere FAST (JOB=Just Off Broke), however Dennis became a really good problem solver for the team !

A short time there after Dennis started scouting around for a far more rewarding involvement for himself, when he came across a desperate add placed by the seagrass trading company, it was obviously from the start, that this business was in real trouble and in desperate need of someone that knew how and ESPECIALLY wanted to install these Natural Carpets CORRECTLY and with a sense of PRIDE. this company had a HUGE Re-Stretch /Fix-It list on a equally Huge whiteboard, it was obvious they had Cowboys installing there products haphazardly!

Realising that most installers disliked &/or hated installing these natural rope type products, mainly because of their lack of product knowledge and individual product installation properties, natural floorcoverings are a lot slower and harder to install and require more thought and time to install than a normal Modern Secondary Backed type of Carpet.

In early 1990s' Dennis built & setup the first Natural Floorcovering website in Australia and since then he only take on projects for the passion of the trade, in 1995 Dennis decided to down-sized to a nucleus of his best tradesmen and since then he have been semi-retired, giving him pretty much lifestyle of freedom to 'do what he wants, when he wants', he now works to Live, Not lives to work!

Unfortunately in late 2011 Dennis was badly burnt in an accident and found himself faced with not being able to use his hands to install the natural floorcoverings, the bright side of the story is. Dennis is still able to Wholesale these products & supply a list of good contract installers to assist our clients & customers.

Dennis latest business adventure is something he was doing with his father in early 1970, building Micro Power Grid Systems, now with modern Solar Tracking & Batteries.

"The Master Craftsman"

This site has always offers independent advice to the floorcovering industry, Dennis initially helped "the Furnishing Trade Society" set the installation code of conduct and installation rates that was adopted and used by the foundation for the minimum contract labour rates back in the early 1980s.

Our empathy for those that run a business in this industry that fail to understand that without a true Installation CRAFTSMAN there business is missing the most important "Foundation Stone", in other words be prepared to pay above the normal installation Rate for a DAY's SOLID WORK by a good Tradesman (Craftsman), it may cost you a considerable amount more for employ a Craftsman (Remember: Quality remains long after the Price is forgotten!), so don't be stingy as a craftsman should set you in the right direction to a trouble free Installation for many, many years to come!

Be aware of the "carpet cowboys" as they may have heard of or fitted a "Sisal Carpet named by as modern carpet manufacturers", but these manufacturers only make a "Sisal Look carpet", so until they actually seen a "Real Sisal Carpet" you will find they will say "Oh No, I can't lay that type of carpet" (customers say this happens all the time), letting unskilled installers fit these types of natural carpets may soon lead to the carpets needing to be "Re-stretch" or on the "Fix-it" list, that's what happens when floorcoverings are carelessly installed by cowboys or the incorrect or sub-standard installation method or materials are used.

From his dealings with many floorcovering outlets, their vision usually appeared to be clouded, by voicing "as long as we get paid who gives a dam". We have contracted installations to a natural floorcovering centre were the general manager was concerned with the time it was taking to install, and said the following unknowingly in front of the customer; "Just slap it down and don't worry about it", you should have seen the expression on the customers face, that natural floorcovering centre manager did not know the customer was standing behind him, obviously we are no longer involved with that company !

If you engage a company that employs Cowboys or tradesmen that lack the knowledge &/or commitment of how to install these floorcoverings correctly, this include correct advice on underlay's and installation methods to assist your floorcoverings to last the lifetime of the product, you may have already started down the wrong path and only time will tell !

Today Huge weak links in the Quality of Installations and Materials still exist. Their is a lack of good quality Tradesmen to install these products correctly, REAL Coir, Sisal and Seagrass Carpets  have become recognised as "The Trend in natural living", we personally can not recommend better natural products on the market today that suit the AUSTRALIAN and most other environments better than the ones represented in this site.

NB: Installers should use Architectural smoothedge, special heat tapes and adhesives to join these natural floorcovering.

We are not the biggest and we do NOT want to be, however we are one of the best and we have always set the standards for others to follow.

So, we now look forward to any enquiry or questions you may have regarding the range of products and services we offer.

Dennis Monamy  

(Master Craftsman)


PLEASE NOTE: We now Freight our products Nationally, even to the most remote areas and also to New Zealand Freight if a quote is requested.

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