"Seagrass Matting"

The best advantage of this Seagrass Matting it's the cheapest and easiest to install of all Natural Floorcoverings.

This product originally was produced & known as 'Honan Matting', made of small 30cm squares all sewn together into one piece with strong jute thread and finally folded into bales.

This matting is easy to fit yourself, see our DIY easy to follow seagrass matting installation guide.

Bales of matting come in 2.74mt or 3.00mt wide, both are 9.14 mt Long (9 or 10 feet wide x 30 feet long).

SEAGRASS is grown in paddy-like fields and needs a flooding of sea-water during the crop cycle, Seagrass is one of the most versatile of the natural floorcoverings. Its hard, almost impermeable fiber is spun into tough strands which shrug off most stains and dirt & will not rot if saturated in water for long periods.

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Seagrass Matting
Seagrass Matting

Living, Dining and Kitchen areas.

Living room area.

Seagrass Matting
Seagrass Matting

Here you can see how striking this Matting looks.

Hallway photo, without flash lighting.

Seagrass Matting
Seagrass Matting

Here is a Very Old Bonsai Tree.

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