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Product info & Discounts offered for Bales of 12mm thick Matting

Other stores charge over $550 per bale.

We are the cheapest Wholesaler in Australia, so you will save !

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Seagrass Matting

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Runners, & end of roll, or dye-series or odds-overstock.

SEAGRASS Remnants & Pieces:

We have several narrow Runs of Seagrass Carpet on discounted!

These are used for Garden or Beach Weddings or simply as Hall Runners.

All latex backing Seagrass carpet.

Following pieces available;

2x2 Weft Seagrass Carpet Remnants (SG-5);

  • 1x 140cm wide x 340cm long piece (4.76m2) $90 the piece.
  • 1x 400cm wide x 97cm long piece (3.88m2) $70 the piece.

2x3 Weft Seagrass Carpet Remnant (SG-7);

  • 120cm x 445cm run. (5.34m2) $100 the piece.

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White Sisal

2x2 Weft Zoom.

White Sisal

2x3 Weft Zoom.

Below SISAL Remnants in Stock:



Ribbed OAK Sisal (Product Code OS-4)

  • 215cm wide x 840cm long Sisal piece (18.10m2) @$30=$540 the piece.
  • 160cm wide x 775cm long Sisal piece (12.40m2) @$30=$370 the piece.

Boab Silver Tortoiseshell Sisal (Product Code BS-4)

  • 104cm wide x 428cm long Sisal piece (4.45m2) @$34=$150 the piece.
  •   89cm wide x 495cm long Sisal piece (4.40m2) @$34=$150 the piece.
  •   80cm wide x 440cm long Sisal piece (3.52m2) @$34=$120 the piece.

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There are more Remnants at the Warehouse Not shown here!

Page last updated, please email to confirm current stock: 31/03/24.

28m2 of Rustic Red Marmoleum (Lino)

The piece is 2mt wide and 14mt long =28m2, grab a bargain.

As New old stock never installed, just sit this product in the Sun to softer before unrolling, made out of all Green products like special wooded particles, clays & linseed oils.  Applying Linseed oil penetrates into the Marmoleum & Water proofs & treats the product.



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Seagrass Matting

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