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How to Install a Full House using, 4mt wide Carpet

What this page basically shows, is how we covered this house by using a series of 4 metre wide runs joined side to side, with the allocation of carpet for the fills and stairs.

So, as a quick way to show you how we have done this, we have animated this plan to show you the, layout and runs direction of the floorcoverings as well as how we allocated off-cuts to the fills and stairs in this two level House.

Take a closer look at this Animated Floorcovering Plan below.


A Full House Installation:

This is an automated diagram to shows how we use off-cuts for fills.

NB: It is NOT advisable to have cross joins in natural floorcoverings


See how we install this area ?

After using our Budget Estimator, you will have a better idea of what costs to expect.

Next, you will need to workout the length of the Runs needed to cover your project. If you already have a Floor Plan(s) of your Room (or area), go straight to our detailed INSTANT floorcovering estimators , these estimators will give a far more accurate costing by simply entering the, Length of your Runs, the Price of the Floorcoverings, the Underlay required and the amount of Take-Up (if any), our detailed estimator even allows for, Smoothedge, Adhesives and Stain-Guarding etc.

Obviously, an Onsite measure will give the most accurate Estimate of the total charges, for the supply and installation of all materials and labour.